Why Revature?

Why Revature

Working at Revature is about more than the job, it’s about joining a team of professionals with like goals and ideals. We have created a company that invests in every employee and challenges each of us to push the boundaries of what we think we can do. In turn, we do things we never thought possible. Working for Revature is about choosing a future for yourself, one that allows you to make a difference.

You won't just work. You'll thrive.

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Industry-Leading Training

Revature invests in every employee by providing ongoing training in the latest technologies. We know what technologies skills are in demand and make sure all our employees have the next gen skills they need to be successful. Our proprietary training curriculum is based on immersion in a subject and the concept of becoming a continuous “learning animal.”


Consulting Life

At Revature we embrace the Consulting Life. What is the Consulting Life? It's the idea that to be the best, you must face whatever challenges knowing you have a solution. Being a consultant is not for everyone. It requires someone who is exceptionally hardworking, flexible, and born to solve problems. At Revature, we live the Consulting Life every day.


Life/Work Balance

At Revature we know that to be the best you need to find balance in your life. That’s why we created an environment where employees can work hard and play hard. We’ve been recognized with a national award for being one of the best places for commuters to work. Whether playing Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Foosball or munching on Popcorn Thursday’s, we know having fun and working hard go hand and hand.

Our benefits and perks make your life easier.

Staying Well

Healthy and happy team members are the key to any successful business. At Revature we offer full healthcare, including medical, dental, eye care coverage, and access to wellness services. All our employees have access to counseling services and can also participate in our monthly health-related activities.

Continuous Learning

In today’s world, technology is constantly changing. At Revature we understand the value of staying up-to-date on the latest trends, which is why we offer free training to all our employees in the latest technologies and processes. Through classroom and online learning, we make sure you always have the skills to be successful.


Being the best takes hard work. At Revature we believe you can only be your best if you have the right attitude and tons of energy. That’s why all of our employees are encouraged to take time away from work to relax and recharge. So whether it’s a hike in the mountains or finding your nearest beach, go relax and enjoy yourself. We’ll see you when you get back!

Having Fun

We are ALL about having fun. Whether participating in a 5K race or simply battling it out in a heated game of cornhole, we mix work and fun together. We always have something going on …. Movie night, board game meetups, or even our snow cone summer event. We have something fun for everyone to try. So come join us, but remember...we’ve got next game!

Advice and Mentorship

Navigating the best career path is always tough. At Revature we have created a mentorship program that provides every associate a personal mentor to guide them through their career. Whether providing general career advice or specific help with an advanced concept your mentor is there to make sure you are prepared and ready to exceed expectations.

Giving Back

We take our corporate citizenship role seriously, which is why we place special importance on our company and employees giving back to the community. Hopecam, (our primary company charity) is a non-profit charity with the mission of using Voice over Internet technology to help children with cancer overcome the burden of social isolation.

The experts agree — we’re rockstars!

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