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Have you never written a line of code before? This video series explores the basic concepts behind all programming languages, so that you’ll have a solid footing from which to start your journey. No specific language is focused on,so it’s good for everybody.
Algorithms and Data Structures are incredibly important concepts to software development – in fact, many programming job interviews focus solely on these two things. This course is a basic rundown of some of the core concepts to get you started.
It has been estimated that over three billion devices currently run Java programs including cell phones and computers. This course covers the basics of Java, an object oriented programming (OOP) language. The course begins with an overview of statements, Strings and classes, before moving on to OOP concepts like inheritance, interfaces, abstract classes, and polymorphism. Advanced topics like reflection, generics, and threads are not covered in this course.
Learn about the most widely used Object Oriented Programming language for .NET applications! C# provides ease of use and a wide array of features such as memory management. This course is intended to provide an introduction to the C# language and to .NET programming.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the foundation for data communication for the Internet. Learn about the basic features of HTTP, architecture, and the difference between Requests and Responses in this short course on HTTP!


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