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Why Revature?

At Revature, it’s more than a job—we provide careers in technology. Our program gives you the next-gen skills needed to work at top companies, on projects that make a difference. Gaining the tools you need to be successful starts here.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Want to know what it's really like at Revature? Hear about it directly from our employees who have been through the program and are out working with our clients.

Move Ahead Faster.

Revature not only gets you up to speed on the programming skills today’s industries require, it puts you miles ahead of the pack.

1 Work with relevant technologies

2 Gain real-world experience

3 Learn from the best

4 Showcase your talents

5 Start your technology career faster

6 Work with top companies

The Coding Company That Invests in You!

Beyond providing free training, certification, and accommodations—as well as an exciting career in technology—there are three key differentiators that make Revature stand out.

Enterprise Project–Driven

The projects you work on are not theoretical. They are enterprise-level projects that have application in real-world business and technology. As you learn and build your skills, you’re gaining actual industry experience.

Highly Customized Program

Our program is designed based on the skills you want to learn and the projects our clients need, allowing you to work on projects that they have identified as vital to their organization. More than that, we prepare you to work in the “real world” with communication, team work and leadership training.

One-on-One Attention

You’ll have a mentor to help and advise you throughout our program, as well as the first two years of employment. We truly invest in your success, providing in-depth, comprehensive instruction and personal attention, helping to ensure you’ll rock your tech career.

How It Works.

We’re always on the lookout for people with talent and drive to attend our training and become part of our Revature team. The steps below outline how our program works.


Our online application process is simple and fast. Also, if you’ve shown aptitude through the RevaturePro online program, we may reach out to you and offer admission to our program.

Have an Interview

If your application is accepted, you’ll be interviewed via phone or Skype. Here, we’ll talk to you more in depth about what skills you want to learn, the certifications you want, and your career goals.

Show Your Skills

As the home of “hard core coding” we want the best and brightest. Show us your skills using our technology screening interview.

Attend Training

We’ll bring you to one of our offices throughout the country, where you’ll go through an intensive and customized 12-week program, learning the skills and working on projects that set you on your career path.

Get Certified

Not only do we pay for your certification in the technology you want, we ensure that you receive that technology’s highest certification. Additionally, you’ll be industry certified as a Revature Certified Software Engineer.

Start Your Career

After you’ve successfully completing training, you’ll be assigned to a Revature client project and begin working on leading-edge technologies for many of the most innovative companies in the world.

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