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As part of Women’s History Month, we asked our team at Revature to share the stories of the women who inspire them and who have impacted their lives, both personally and professionally.

Leah Joyner
Director, HRIS

My first boss, right out of college was a woman I looked up to then and still do today. She gave me a shot at my first job at Deloitte and did everything she could to see me succeed and excel. What I loved about her was how much she praised me to her peers and made sure my name came up in important conversations. I often wondered what I did to deserve all she did for me. I"ll never forget a lesson she gave very early on that has helped tremendously as I"ve progressed in my career.

I remember complaining about something and she looked at me and said, "when you come to me with an issue, also bring a couple of ideas that you think can help solve the problem." At the time, I remember feeling so empowered! The fact that I also had the power to bring solutions to the table and help solve problems was not something I had imagined on my own. This has been one of the greatest lessons of my career and for me personally.

Jim Chitwood
Director, Workforce Partnerships

I was raised by a single mom caring for four children. She earned the wage of an associates degree holder her entire life. This is not an easy road for a single mom with four kids. This story is not only only about my mom, however. It is also about my three sisters. What these four ladies showed me was the strength, intelligence, resiliency, love, caring, and compassion of women. My mom remains one of the strongest people I have ever met. Our childhood was challenging in ways that have the potential to crush people, and yet never did I hear my mom complain. She accepted every challenge as something that could be surmounted.

What she taught me, aside from compassion for those I share this planet with, is that anything can be achieved. All a person has to do is decide to move forward and the path becomes clear. I learned from her that the only true obstacle in my way was myself and that if I decided to try anything was possible.

Bethany Horvat
Legal Operations Manager

I first left home as a teenager in high school. The last thing on my mind was finishing my degree. I graduated because my older sister took me in and fought for my future. My college degree is also in large part a product of her moral support and relentless belief in me. There were things she did toward my future that I wouldn’t know about until years later.

Upon my recent promotion, my mind went back to those pivotal moments and how vastly different my life would look without her always showing up and pouring her encouragement into me. The returns on her investment might seem insignificant, but it altered the course of my life and was immeasurably valuable to me.

What I love most about working for Revature is that it provides opportunities and pathways toward a new future. Perhaps it’s my way of paying forward what she gave to me. There’s really no greater investment we can make during our time in this world then in one another. No kind effort is too small to change the course of a life. She taught me that.

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Christina Russ
Lead Trainer

Womanhood is an unmistakable display of tenacity, compromise, and resilience - a perfect blend of these things in fact. My grandmother, more than any other woman in my life, has modeled this type of womanhood. From a young age, she learned to navigate the challenges of being a poor woman of color living in the Jim Crow South. She was the oldest of 13 children, and she eventually dropped out of high school to help care for her younger siblings; one of her earliest jobs saw her picking cotton in the dead of the Louisiana heat.

She became pregnant with her oldest child at just 16 and moved to Chicago with her first husband. There she faced challenges as well. She dealt with years of domestic abuse and poverty that sometimes left her family without essentials such as hot water or electricity.

And you know? I would never have known any of her stories had she not shared these parts of herself with me. Despite all of these things that she endured, she only ever had love to give to everyone around. She truly had a heart of gold - and not just a gold-plated heart, but a heart of solid gold. It was, simply put, the heart of a woman.

Matari Howard
Salesforce Developer

Camela Glen Jones, CFO of the Miami Dade Beacon Council, gave me a position many years ago. She was a very positive influence by introducing me to different people in the Miami business community, such as banking representatives and members of accounting firms, as well as business clients.

I watched her communicate with other professionals and I learned to always dress professionally. Even though I was not programming at the time, I was working with an accounting software and was curious how code was written to make the software work.

Furthermore, Miami was predicted to be the next technological hub, so this steered me to a career in technology.

Daniel Landeros
Quality Assurance Testing Engineer

My mother is the strongest and most generous woman I know. She has always been there to support me and lift me up. It is because of her that I have such a strong work ethic and drive to succeed. It is because of her that I am finally a software engineer and working in the tech industry. It was my mother that invested in me, yet again, when she helped me purchase a new laptop so that I could start learning to code. I had not had a personal computer since 2008 when my laptop was stolen in college.

It is because of her belief in me that she helped me achieve my dream of becoming a software engineer. I am glad to have made her proud of me and what I have accomplished in the last four months of completing training with Revature and being selected by Cognizant.

I know many women that are deserving of their stories being told and though there is more to my mom than the hard work and sacrifices she has made; I am proud to be her son and proud of what she has accomplished in her own life. My mom is a successful small-business owner and even works another job. I am proud to celebrate my mom and Women's History Month.

Wendy Buck
Director, Corporate Marketing

Moms inspire me on a level that I didn't know was possible until becoming one 5 years ago. The pandemic has put a spotlight on mothers, especially those in workforce. Moms are the heartbeats and the souls of their families and are often the hearts of the organizations they work for. As moms we give so much of ourselves to our families, our friends, our colleagues.

I am inspired by this unstoppable global community and the never-ending support in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally.

Jaceguai de Magalhaes
Software Engineer

At the end of the '60s, my father went from Brazil to Germany to study in a specialization in road bridge building. There he met my mother. They married and went to build their life in Brazil.

Until then, nothing unusual. But let's go a little deeper into this history.

My father was Black and from a low-income family. My mother is a WW2 orphan, and to let her marry my father, her family took her off their will. From that day, her only family in the world was my father. Then something unfortunate happened. For reasons still not clear, my father was murdered. They had a son in Brazil, and my mother was expecting my sister. From that moment, my mother was a widow with a nine-month-old and expecting another, living in the middle of a rural area in Brazil, and she didn't speak Portuguese.

Going back to Germany wasn't an option. So, alone in an unknown country, without any help, and with two baby children, that woman fought for her family, and for what my sister and I became. I can tell you that she won.

I owe everything I am to her. She taught me the willingness to learn, was an example of grit, and is the one that has all my gratitude. Thank you, mother, for everything.