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Vyshnavi Yakkanti (6.2 LPA)

Bapatla Engineering College,Bapatla (now working as Digital Specialist Engineer at Infosys )

“Revature paves the way for anyone interested in pursuing a career in technology to realise their aspirations”

I applied for Revature after receiving a fresher’s employment link over WhatsApp. The level of training that Revature provides its students in the latest technologies, with training provided by their world-class instructors, was the key reason for my pick of Revature. The company’s “earn while you learn” initiative is a fantastic way for freshmen to earn a stipend while learning, which helps students gain confidence.

My interview went well, and I was asked about a variety of topics, including HTML, DBMS, and data structures. The most exciting experience since joining the organisation was delivering the final team project and working till 3 a.m. with my team colleagues. The company’s culture is admirable, and they have a fantastic team that assists students with their concerns.

I’ve developed a variety of skills, including communication, and have become proficient in Full Stack Java technologies. Revature paves the way for anyone interested in pursuing a career in technology to realize their aspirations.

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to my mentor, who was incredible and assisted us in the entire training process with both his personal and professional experiences.

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