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Manaswini Manojkumar Agrawal (6.2 LPA)

PUNE VIDYARTHI GRHA'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING NASHIK (now working as Digital Specialist Engineer at Infosys )

“Revature has a highly cooperative and supportive culture, and they do not mind resolving student issues countless times”

Revature was first introduced to me through the company’s YouTube videos. My understanding of the corporation was that it provides students with training and prepares them for a corporate career.

I chose Revature for numerous reasons. Firstly, the training content they use is exceptional and up-to-date with the market. Secondly, they assist those just out of college in gaining the knowledge and skills required to be technologically savvy. The most exciting factor is the amazing package that freshers receive from top MNCs. Finally, Revature’s trainers serve as a support system for trainees, resolving questions and providing the finest coaching possible.

Prior to Revature, I had attended a few interviews but was always turned down. However, my interview experience with Revature was fantastic, and I have no complaints about their process. Every day at Revature was different, with new challenges and learning opportunities. They have a highly cooperative and supportive culture, and they do not mind resolving student issues countless times.

Since my training with Revature, I have developed my technology skills and have gone through several quality checks that the company conducts for its associates to improve their subject knowledge.

My advice to anyone interested in joining Revature is to do so without hesitation because they not only provide technical training but also give you a glimpse of real-world projects and provide guidance on how to handle them effectively. They provide various code assessments, and quality checks are performed every week to evaluate your performance. In addition, professionals conduct soft-skill sessions to prepare associates for careers in the corporate sector.

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