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Anjan Pradhan (6.2 LPA)

PUNE VIDYARTHI GRHA'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING NASHIK (now working as Digital Specialist Engineer at Infosys )

“My advice to anyone wishing to improve their technical expertise should go no further than Revature”

Around the month of April, I was first introduced to Revature through LinkedIn and learnt about the tech opportunities that they offer. I was selected for their interview process and went through one round of technical and HR questions.

I realised that Revature hires qualified fresh graduates and places them in their client company for a good pay in just three months. However, I had my concerns and enquired with my brother in the United States, who confirmed that Revature has been a legacy company for several years and offers some intensive tech training.

I had attended several interviews prior to joining Revature, but I was unable to clear them. However, after completing the Revature training, I was able to pass multiple entry-level interviews and receive several offers. The coolest thing about their training is that it is absolutely free, and trainees are given a monthly stipend of Rs.5000/-.

The ability to learn numerous recent technologies especially Java full stack from skilled trainers who had been supportive throughout the training time was the most exciting aspect of being a part of Revature for me.

My advice to anyone wishing to improve their technical expertise should go no further than Revature. However, the trainee will need immense patience and stay motivated throughout the training and placement period. Finally, I would want to express my gratitude to my mentor Aruna Vangala, a trainer who has helped me land my desired career.

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