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Academic Partnerships

Empower your students with enterprise-level skills and real-world training. Join our growing network of partner colleges and universities to stay on the cutting edge.

Find out how our program can help your students land at leading Fortune 500 enterprises and government organizations.


Closing the Gap Between College and Career.

Revature is the most accessible, affordable, and inclusive talent development solution, creating the next generation of highly desirable and diverse software engineers.

For our university partners, Revature offers a no-risk pathway to high-demand careers in technology for all students and graduates. We help bridge the gap by providing in-demand and industry-aligned skills, to help your students be successful in their careers.

With Revature’s talent development model, your students gain hands-on experience in enterprise-level, next-gen, and niche technologies. And we’re not just talking about students seeking a master’s in computer science—with our program, hundreds of students with no STEM background whatsoever have gone on to become successful software engineers.

Fast-Tracking Careers in Technology.

We’ll help your students gain the skills, tools, and connections to get not just a job but a fulfilling career. While you help them earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or another major, we’ll provide real-world experience in next-gen technologies.

No Risk

As the leading-edge provider of talent development in the tech industry, Revature will put your students on a no-risk pathway to a rewarding career.

Any Skill Level

Our engaging online program provides training to students at all levels-from sophomores to seniors, engineering majors, to those with a master's degree in Computer Science.


Students can earn certifications during and upon completion of our program that highlight work experience in addition to technical abilities.

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RevaturePro for Students

Learn how you can fast-track your career and learn some of the most innovative, challenging, and rewarding technologies that the top companies are using today.