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  • What is the difference between the online programs and onsite bootcamp?

  • Online Programs

    The self-paced online programs will help you learn software skills employers are looking for by jumping into real-world projects online. From beginner through advanced, these self-paced programs will give you a solid foundation in coding and software development – skills employers want. You will be assigned a dedicated mentor to support you through the online program. There is no cost or commitment for the online programs for CUNY Students and Graduates. It’s great preparation for the on-campus coding bootcamp.

    On-Campus Bootcamp

    The on-campus bootcamp is for CUNY graduates only. You must apply for a seat in the on-campus bootcamp. Get accepted and you’ll receive intensive training in a team-focused setting and earn industry certification in the latest, in-demand technologies. The on-campus bootcamp is 40 hours per week for 10-12 weeks with a dedicated industry expert certified instructor. The bootcamp is provided at no cost and Revature will hire you upon your successful completion.

  • What are the requirements for acceptance into the on-campus bootcamp?

  • To be accepted into the on-campus coding bootcamp, you must have basic coding experience and knowledge. You will also need to pass a set of interviews, including a technical skills interview. If you do not have any coding experience, you can enroll at any time in the online programs in order to gain experience.

  • Is there a cost for the on-campus bootcamp?

  • The on-campus bootcamp is provided at no cost and Revature will invest in the success of each associate accepted into the program. Associates who complete the program are hired as Revature software engineers and placed in a contract to hire position with one of our partners. In addition, Revature provides dedicated mentors who support associates with technology support during client projects. In return for the investment we make in each associate by providing the immersive training and a pathway to a high paying career in technology, Revature expects the associate to commit to work for Revature for a minimum of two years. The majority of our software engineers are hired by our partners prior to the two-year commitment.

  • What is the training agreement?

  • The training agreement outlines the commitment and investment Revature will make in each associate and in turn, the associate’s commitment to Revature – which is to work as a software engineer for Revature for a minimum of two years.

  • How is the training is structured? How much time is required each week?

  • Our training is an intensive 10 to 12 week program specifically designed to provide enterprise level training in an agile environment that produces a software engineer that is ready to work in a large scale organization. Bootcamp attendees learn in-demand technologies and tools such as Java, .NET, SDET, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Agile, and Front-End Technologies. The Bootcamp is monitored by comprehensive Quality Checks and a panel interview to ensure each attendee has all of the necessary skills to be successful. We also provide soft skills training which allows each associate to learn strategies for communication within a team.

  • What is the pay during the training and after getting placed into a job?

  • Depending on the location where you are being trained, you will be paid an hourly wage during your training period. Once you have completed the program, our contract software engineers earn a competitive salary and are eligible for increases and paid industry certifications as well as a robust benefits package. All terms of employment including salary and benefits will be discussed prior to joining the on-campus bootcamp

  • Which company will I work for after I graduate from the bootcamp?

  • Revature works with over 300 organizations including Fortune 500 companies, large system integrators and government agencies. Given the changing needs of our corporate partners, we cannot guarantee you will work at specific company.