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Do you know your cost-per-hire for new technology talent? Recruiting new talent costs more, and has larger business implications, than you may think when factoring in not only cost, but time and people involved in the process. By determining your cost-per-hire with our calculator, you can be more strategic with where you invest your recruiting dollars.

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Only 40% of companies say that
their learning strategy is aligned
with business goals.

52% of L&D leaders said tech
skills were their top priority
for training in 2020.

46% of CEOs said significant
retraining/upskilling is a top
strategy for closing organizational
skill gaps.

43% of L&D leaders named
software development as
their top tech skill shortage.

59% of L&D leaders only
reskilled 10-20% of their
workforce in the last year.

6x: The net savings: It can cost
as much as 6 times more to hire
from the outside than to build
from within.

Why We’re Here

As an emerging global leader in the “Hire, Train, Deploy” market, we bridge the gap between higher education and the corporate market.

What We Do

We’re redefining how companies find, build, retain and grow their future technology talent.

What We Do

Our mission is to create a pathway for qualified candidates from diverse experiences and educational backgrounds to reach their potential as technology professionals.

How We Do It

We work with you to identify skill gaps and develop a training program
customized to your specific needs.

Feasibility Study

We work with you to understand your initiatives/projects as well as the key technologies required to meet your goals, with a focus on the job role.

Curriculum Development

With 55+ technology tracks, we build out and customize a training program based on feasibility study.


We transform your workforce through experiential and immersive learning.

Competitive Advantage

7,000 Software Engineers
Trained to Date

Instructor-led Training
(In-person and Virtual)

Customized Curriculum
(55+ Tracks)

Experiential and Immersive

Authorized Training Partner Status
for Salesforce and Pega

Skills assessment to identify
needs and measure progress

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