Cost Per Hire Calculator

Estimating Hiring Cost at Your Company

Number of new hires
Average annual salary for the new positions
Total number of hours spent by company employees recruiting, screening, interviewing for a single new position
0 300 hrs
Average hourly rate of the above employees
25 150 hrs
Average number of days from requisition to hiring
1 200 days
Average number of months for the new hire to become fully productive
1 12 months
Average training costs per new hire
Other costs (relocation, sign-in bonus,etc.)
per new hire

Total Cost of Hiring

Cost of advertising, recruiting, and interviewing

Number of hours spent on hiring activities times hourly rate of the employees involved in these activities. Adding the average ad costs for job postings as determined by a survey of 204 managers conducted by Revature.

Cost of lost productivity from requisition to hiring

The period from making a job requisition to hiring is a period when no value is produced for the company. The total compensation of an employee (salary and benefits) is only 40% of the total value an employee produces for the company based on analysis by PwC. Using this finding and the annual salary that you input, we estimate the cost of lost productivity during the hiring process.

Cost of lost productivity during the learning phase

According to a survey conducted by Revature, it takes four to five months for a new hire to become fully productive. Since companies are different, we take your own estimate as a basis for the calculation and estimate the cost of lost productivity during the learning phase..

Training and other costs associated with new hires
Total Cost

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