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  Joe Vacca |

Technology. It’s everywhere. And it’s always changing, evolving, moving… forward faster.

Welcome to Insights, the Revature blog! We live at the intersection of business and technology, redefining how companies find, build, retain and grow their future talent technologists. To do that effectively, we need to not only understand the current technological trends, but have insights into what’s coming. That’s what we hope to provide here – Insights into trends, thought leadership on best practices, resources to help you move forward faster.

Whether you’re a college student getting ready to embark on a career in software development, or a CIO who is wondering how to best hire all of the resources you need to get that project completed on time and on budget, we’ll have thought-provoking and informative articles for you.

College graduate or college graduate plus bootcamp training? Who is a better choice for your entry-level software developer? What are the 4 critical skills every college grad needs to get hired? Why every developer should have DevOps skills. These are just a few of the topics we will explore and, we hope, will provide you with valuable insights.

We’re just getting started and promise there’s much more to come. So check back often or, even better, sign up for updates of our Insights.

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