Sustaining the Momentum for Innovation in Education

  Joe Vacca |

In mid-November, the White House gathered veritable list of who’s who in higher education for the “Sustaining the Momentum for Innovation in Higher Education” symposium in Washington, DC. In addition to Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell, also in attendance were college leaders, higher education technology advocates, policy makers and others, including Joe Mitchell, Executive Vice President of Academic Partnerships for Revature.

As much of the program focused on how the environment might change under the Trump administration, Joe Mitchell focused his attention on innovations that support new models and workforce alliance between higher learning institutions and business. On the “Alignment between higher education and workforce” panel, Mitchell, along with Brandon Busteed of Gallup and Nicole Isaacs of LinkedIn, discussed the need for new models for bridging higher education and the workforce.

“One of the ways we’re approaching this at Revature,” said Mitchell, “is to bring our coding bootcamps directly to universities and training the next generation of enterprise-level software engineers. What makes this different from other coding bootcamps is there is absolutely no charge to either the university or the attendee. Revature absorbs the cost, trains the students and then places them with our clients throughout the U.S.”

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