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Fate. Chance. Accident. Regardless of what you call it, sometimes the unexpected happenings in life turn out to be the best and are what sets you on a path for success. That is the case for Revature’s Chief Sales Officer, Bryan Howlin, who’s foray into the staffing world could be described using any of those words.

Bryan’s best man set him up with an interview with Aerotek, a top global recruiting and staffing industry, thus launching Bryan’s career in staffing and managed services and led to him becoming a leader in the industry. During his 20+ years in the industry, he has immersed himself in the staffing world, holding positions at TEKsystems and Randstad Technologies. As VP of Strategic Sales at Randstad, he built out the organization’s vertical strategy and put processes in place to increase efficiency, all while successfully managing one of the company’s largest accounts.

A pivotal moment for Bryan came when he joined Revature in 2017. After learning about the ground breaking business model, he was convinced that this was future of staffing and he hasn’t looked back since.

“You don’t leave a flexible position where you are working from home (in North Carolina) to take another job where you’re flying to Reston, VA almost every week, unless you truly believe in the company. I took a leap of faith. I was won over by the Revature model. We are truly changing the way the world hires.”

“I know and love the staffing industry. And in terms of its future, we must address the challenges presenting themselves, including changes to H1B and the number of available jobs compared to the number of skilled individuals to fill them. Revature is facing these challenges head on. It’s not just about open staffing. What we’re doing is game changing and game defining.”

It is easy to see why Bryan’s found success in such a competitive industry – he puts the customer first.

“Above all, do right by the customer. Be honest with them and keep their best interests in mind.”

It is this passion and way of thinking that Bryan will be bringing to the 2018 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum North America from February 26 – March 1. He will be participating in a panel entitled Beating the Skills Mismatch: What Can Be Done to Give Talent…More Talent? He’ll discuss the skills mismatch from his perspective and share how Revature is working to alleviate the issue.

“I am looking forward to meeting more of my peers in this industry and discussing the challenges we face and how we, as an industry, are working to address these issues.”

So, take a leap of faith. Don’t fear chance. It may very well lead you to a path of success and fulfillment.

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