Why Every Developer Should Have DevOps Skills

  Ashwin Bharath |

Agile has now become the standard, not the exception to the rule, according to a recent survey of development and IT professionals. The majority of development teams and projects now embrace the methodology, with pure waterfall approaches dropping behind.

With Agile comes a necessary focus on DevOps, as each methodology is critically dependent on the other. Every developer will need DevOps skills moving forward, as it will most likely be a sought-after skill for every company that wants to stay competitive.

Today’s top-performing businesses know DevOps is the path to improved deployment frequency, and ultimately faster time to market. It also lowers development failure rate, shortens lead time and provides a faster mean time to recovery.

To understand why it’s so important for every software developer to have DevOps skills, it’s helpful what happens in a DevOps environment. With DevOps, separate silos for development and operations are a thing of the past. Everyone is on the same team, delivering both new features and at the same time, stability to the product. By combining a shared code base, continuous integration, test-driven techniques and automated deployment, it’s possible to discover problems quickly across the board including issues with application code, infrastructure or configuration. Operations is no longer on their own after a new feature is developed. Resolution times are faster as a result, because team members don’t need to wait for someone else to fix the problem.

What exactly are the DevOps skills a developer needs?

A traditional engineer has a very deep, very vertical skillset. In a DevOps environment, a wider array of skills is needed to ensure expertise in both development and operations. This combination of critical and creative thinking is essential to drive innovation. It’s a mindset that shifts the focus to usability, not just the end product, and it features well-rounded individuals who—by the way—also happen to make good leaders.

With big players such as Google, Amazon, Twitter and Etsy deploying multiple times a day, DevOps-centric developers provide quick deployments and a low failure rate. And that’s the key to sustainable competitive advantage for tech companies and a highly-marketable employment skill for developers.


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